I started seedlings at my mom's place two weeks ago, and they're doing well! The Mortgage Lifter tomato seedlings are a good 4" long already, though the peppers and cherry tomatoes are around 2.5" - my lemon basil seeds haven't sprouted, possibly because I hadn't Planned to save seeds (Silly me!) and so didn't take very good care of them before I processed the stems. The Sweet Genovese basil is doing well, though - it has Tiny sprouts!

I moved some of the seedlings into separate containers so they have plenty of room to keep growing. It looks like we'll have some extra plants (fingers crossed)!! Let me know if you're in Richmond and you might like a big-tomato plant, a cherry tomato plant, a basil, or some sweet pepper. I can get them to you once they're ready to go in the ground.