{Pure and Natural}

Today's Ideal Bite green tip in my e-mail inbox was about a company called Pure and Natural - they had a good start, but apparently just overhauled their whole product line.

Now they use all plant-based oils rather than animal tallow, have recyclable bottles, donate a lot of money to charity, AND embed SEEDS (baby's breath seeds) in their 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper soap wrappers! You can buy an Awesome soap (available at big-box stores like Kroger and WalMart) and PLANT THE WRAPPER to grow a little square of flowers. How frickin' cool is that!?

I'm all over it. Next time I need soap, that is... right now I'm enjoying a bar scented with Rosemary and Mint that I bought in Missouri while traveling.

But enough rambling. You can check them out here: Pure and Natural. While you're clicking links, check out Earth Pledge - Pure & Natural links up with them to support a project called Seed Blitz, providing gardening tips and kits to urban children.