{Peas n Berries}

Last week while in Richmond I seeded Sugar Snap Peas into the back of the strawberry bed, brought some extra strawberry plants from Acorn, and seeded:

Buttercrunch lettuce
Forest Green parsley
Yellow Potato Multiplier Onions

AND! The marigolds and basil have begun to sprout, and the sweet potatoes as well! I didn't know whether they would be successful, since I have no idea when they're supposed to be planted.

I'd like to find some type of tub for planting all the herbs - German Winter thyme, Garden sorrel, Wild bergamot, and Astragalus. It'd be nice to keep them all in the same place without having to dig out another bed - of course, I'd have to buy soil for a tub... I have plans to stop by the store tomorrow anyway, maybe Ukrop's, and get some of their organic compost or soil to work into part of the new extension on the Big bed. After that maybe I'll seed the Dark Opal basil.

I'll try to take some pictures of what's going on in the garden tomorrow (amidst the wedding madness!) so you can see :)