{Farmer's Market Season!}

It's warming up outside, the ground isn't frozen anymore, and that means that a lot of townfolk are gettin' antsy and the farmers are working hard and happily! You can start to share the benefits of local gardens and fields by scoping out nearby markets.

Near Richmond, look for:

17th Street Farmer's Market - opens April 17. Look for fresh produce, poultry, and baked goods, along with home-made, vintage, and handcrafted items all brought to you by Richmonders.

Byrd House Market - Opens in May right next to a community garden! Offering classes and crafts, monthly acoustic jam sessions, and more. This seems conveniently close to VCU if you're in a dorm and want fresh food or a nice hangout spot :)

Goochland Farmer's Market - Opens in May for those a bit farther out. This market will have veggies brought to your open hands just a few hours and miles from the fields! Delicious.