{Cityscapes from all speeds}

Rather often throughout my life I've pictured myself living in a city, in a cheap studio apartment, room areas separated by curtains, tall windows revealing a geometric cityscape. I'll do it sometime in my life, for sure. There are nice cities out there, with parks and community gardens and farmer's markets and everything you need in walking distance. It'll be good. If I'm lucky, I can find a LOW rent, use library internet access, and only pay for my cell phone otherwise, and the tiny bit of electric and water I'd need... I could live from henna wages.

I'm back in Richmond for a day and walked the Monument Avenue 10k today. Mom and I have been walking it for Four years now. It feels Good to have an untainted family tradition, free of bad memories and resentment. I feel so incredibly rich to spend that time with her. This year we averaged 16 minutes per mile, better than we've ever done! Our total time was right around 98 minutes (for 6.3 miles). In previous years we've averaged 20-25 minutes per mile, so this was a kickass year!

Next year, we're running. I rode my bike to Twin Oaks on Tuesday for the first time - it's a 6.6 mile ride. I think I'll either bike it or walk/jog/run it for my weekly frisbee and belly dance days.