I've got a LOT going on right now. My head's spinning just trying to keep it all reigned in. I'm learning to make hammocks at Twin Oaks soon so that I can work when I go over every week to play ultimate frisbee (normally I'd just be wandering around the community for the rest of the day without anything to do). I've also started belly dancing with Caroline there, which is Great! I miss dance so much.

I've got a few exciting henna gigs coming up - a hafla out near VA Beach on the 19th, a fundraising gala event for Open Doors Learning Center on the 26th (right after my mom's wedding!), a Beltane event right after that, and then two weekends later the VA Ren Faire starts - goodness gracious!

Aside from all that, I'm trying to get taxes out of the way, start cob projects here at Acorn, and do some domestic stuff around Heartwood (the main building at Acorn). When I arrived the laundry room was full of bedding and dirty bath towels. I don't know how these things happen. There are some questions you just don't ask at Acorn.

There's a lot of office work happening, too, since we're at the tail end of the busy season and are shipping out a lot of seeds still.

But those are only all the tangible things. I've gotta do a brown rice cleanse to calm my stomach down, and I've got to think more consciously about some things in my life so that I can start to really make positive changes. For some reason in the past year or two I've evolved into the habit of interrupting people. That's not cool! I don't know why I do it, but it's one of several things I'd like to be more aware of and control, because while I DO want people to understand my perspective, I don't want to be a jerk.