{Cat's Up}

Catch up time! Long time no post... sorry about that. I've been busy flyin from Missouri to California and back home again. I am beautifully henna'd on every appendage and thrice on my torso. Here's a visual teaser...

Now that I'm back at my mom's I'll get my ass into gear uploading photos from my trip and sharing them with you. I've thought of all of you along the way... Chrys when I tasted pad thai for the first time, Jim when I saw a construction cone in a tree in San Francisco (that's a story for another day), Peregrine as I carried my stone dog with me, Duncan as I saw a hazy crescent arching above the skyscrapers... It's been a good journey.

More details soon :) Call me Thursday if you want to plan hangout time while I'm still in Richmond - I'm back out at the farm in a week!

Love always,



Russell said…
awww... im unthunk of. my poor little feelings. :P

i want quality Joan time. where do i sign up?