{2008 Garden}

And... we're off!

I started my mom's garden a few days ago. The long bed and tiny square bed of last year are still there and ready to go, I tilled 'em up and raked off some of the leaves and pine needles before seeding marigolds around the edge.

The small square bed got a few of our sprouting sweet potatoes before the rest went into the compost, we'll see if those sprout well this early in the season.

The long bed also got some basil seeds that I Think were lemon basil... oops! We'll have a lot more of those than planned :) I'm not complaining!

The new bed I set up in the fall still has seven strawberry plants waiting for spring and working hard to stay green. I've got it roped off so the dogs don't tear it up like they did earlier... :(

Today's update? I went to Lowe's and got some more topsoil to help out the strawberry patch and our little row of mints under the window, some stakes for the tomatoes and for increased dog-protection, a small pitchfork for turning the compost, and some potting soil for our tomatoes, peppers, and some 'just in case' basil seedlings.

I'm going to stop this general update now and post descriptions for the SESE seeds that I chose :)

Pictures coming soon!