{Sources of Motivation}

Yesterday, while we were reed collecting, TWO people stopped on the road to ask us what we were doing. The first was a guy named Mick who lived five doors down, buys organic, considers himself more Naturalist, home schools his children, and is on disability from work and would Love to help us carry some reed with his pickup truck. He also wanted to know if his kid could be involved in natural building if he (the father) came along to keep an eye on him. And he's moving to Idaho soon and is building his own house with his wife and children when he gets there.

The next person that stopped was a lady who said she always wondered what we were up to. She got the same response as our friend Mick above and we sent her on her way with an e-mail address and a web site to look up.

I love times like that :)

On another front, something similar happened with my henna business. In the past two weeks, I got a call from a lady who wants me to do henna at her Beltane event (Yahoo! Fun!), and an e-mail from a librarian who wants me to do a workshop for teens this summer. Awesome! What great opportunities. It's hard to think of business and work out details like that while I'm here in Michigan, but I'm working on it nonetheless.

I'm also planning the next legs of my journey - a trip out to Missouri (with a possible detour in Illinois) and then a few days in San Francisco working on HennaTribe stuff. We've gotten our butts in gear over at HT so we can publish all the books we've got in the works, get all our official not-for-profit paperwork straightened out, and finally get our own bank account and all the joys that go with that. I'm trying real hard to keep up my work as treasurer even though I'm traveling. It's a lot!

I also sent out a few letters today - some of you may have requested snail-mail, and so that's been happening, and I'm having a good time seeing your envelopes sitting around reminding me that I've got such awesome friends. I also like sitting down to right back and thinking about what images I'll pass on from my time here.

Alright, that's enough for now. I've been having a lot of inspiring moments, but I can't write about all of them at once. I'll try to keep updating, though computer availability has become scarce recently.

Thanks for your patience :)