{Quick Update}

I cut down three trees today, ranging from about 3-6" in diameter. With a hand saw, and an axe when necessary. Fun stuff. They'll be good roundpoles either for the Kid's Cottage framing or for an indoors treefort loft :D

I'm keeping busy with reed harvesting, too. Our driveway (it's Long!) has been so full of snow, though, that we've been having trouble getting Out. Once we got the top part of the drive shoveled we started leaving the car much further away from the house... which means our roof full of reed burrito (20 reed bundles wrapped in tarp like a burrito) has to somehow get closer to the house... I decided to be an ox and yoke myself to the tarp with a bungee cord and haul it all the way down the drive. It was FUN! And a good, steady workout, too.

I shoveled for a few hours today because we've got a bunch of volunteers coming in this weekend for a workshop and they'll need space to park... my pecs and obliques got a great workout.

Alright, gotta go for now, I've still got stuff to do tonight before turning in.

Coming soon: How to make books without buying them! :) :)




Russell said…
im so glad their are pictures of you dragging that tarp full of reeds.

You make a mighty fine ox.