{Psychology, Boxes, and Stress Pt. 3}

What can you do? You can stay in the system if you like. You can surround yourself with everything you need to justify whatever you want. This means you can live slumped in depression, or you can live free of worry, working a few hours a day in fertile abundance.

It takes a lot of steps to get there, and I've been upset lately that I've come so far and now seem accusatory when I share these exciting things I've learned with friends and relatives. Most get defensive and stop listening. That's okay. Everyone is on a different path, and at different points in their path. We've all come from different places, many of them HARD places to escape.

The steps can be easy, though. Relating to this specific story there are a few resources you can keep in mind to be a bit more healthy.

How do you avoid conditioned air, toxic gases, and the stress of being boxed?
Get outside whenever you can. Park a bit farther away in the parking lot and enjoy the walk, even in the rain. You know you're not going to die wet and soggy and frostbitten, you've got the resources to get home and change as soon as you want to. Enjoy the wet, the cold, hot, whatever. Walk around a park, get some exercise, enjoy your neighborhood.

How do you get away from those lifeless foods?
Start talking to people about food. Find people that are excited about it, and figure out where they shop. Look for local farmer's markets and talk to the people there, sellers and buyers alike. Some may sell organic vegetables or even organic meat and dairy products. Cows and chickens that haven't been kept in a small pen and injected with drugs are HEALTHY, and pass that health onto you through good cholesterol, better fats, and more nutrients. Consider joining a local CSA (community supported agriculture - you can buy a share of a harvest so you have fresh food year round). Find out if there's a community garden nearby.

By doing this you can support local economy, save ALL the oil required for 1,500 miles of transport, and reward yourself with all those fresh, still-present nutrients in delicious organic veggies. You might even make some friends and meet new neighbors :) Take a look at Local Harvest to see what's available in your area.

How to have time for all these things? How to get out of a box and worry less about money?
If you're renting a home, or you'd like a change, consider natural building for your future dream home. Building with local, natural materials is a Smart, Cheap way to go. You can insulate your home easily, protect it from whatever weather is necessary, and in turn potentially eliminate your bills for heating and cooling, sewage, and water. Get in touch with me or do an online search for natural building to start finding more.

Okay. That's quite enough for one day. I hope all of you are snug and cozy tonight, and that your winter is a happy one.



Russell said…
i really enjoy reading these (all the recent posts), though it always leaves me somewhat depressed. You are very fortunate to have found a nice path.
Russell said…

just redid this on my new pen tablet... this was the best way i could think of to send it to you... feel free to delete this comment. HUGS!
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