{Psychology, Boxes, and Stress Pt. 2}

Before that idyllic life... I slept in a box surrounded by paint that would constantly emit gases into the air that harmed me, with dangerous fiberglass insulation and a frame made of trees that had been torn up by a machine somewhere far away. I worked in a building with conditioned air, air that loses all its diversity when sent through a metal duct - its energetic charge changes, and it changes us. It's unhealthy to breathe conditioned air. I worked at tasks for hours and saw no benefit, no fruit. I walked down long, straight halls of unbroken color, and this sends my subconscious into a panic.

Your body knows that's not natural. If you'll bear with me through a moment of psychological jargon, this alertness, this subconscious feeling of anxiety, puts us into Sympathetic mode (Stress mode) instead of Parasympathetic (Peace mode). We should spend most of our time in peace mode, but a lifestyle full of distressing boxes, traffic-filled roads, and office hierarchies keep us locked in Stress. Stress mode should be saved for those times when you think you hear someone breaking in at night; you hear a noise in the woods and your senses go on alert. Your energy is on the periphery of your body, focused out, you're listening, smelling, preparing your body to react. This is what we are like Most of the time when we live in the mainstream.

An act as simple as focusing on our breathing can bring our consciousness back in, and put us in Peace mode. It doesn't matter HOW you breathe, just that you pay attention to it. Peace mode focuses our energy in our core, and lets our body know that it can focus on itself. This is when good, strong digestion occurs. Our body rejuvenates itself and stays strong.

Now think about most people being in Stress mode a lot of the time, and the fact that this means their bodies aren't digesting well. What are they digesting? If they're lucky, fruits and vegetables, almost certainly from a grocery store. Those vegetables are grown for Shipping Quality, Uniformity, and Size, while organic, farm fresh vegetables are grown for Nutrition, Flavor, and Hardiness. Not only that, but vegetables lose a LARGE amount of their nutrients just an HOUR after being harvested! So this poor stressed person who is doing their best in a tough world is on alert, and by the time they get home from the office their body is a weary, poor-digesting lump of anxiety barely sustained by tasteless vegetables that traveled 1,500 miles to their dinner table.

That's a rough life!