{Mother May I}

take two steps forward?

Maybe just one for now. I'm on the next leg of my journey, and after a lovely 18 hour bus ride I'm hangin out in Missouri for a little while with Micah and Aimee. Yay vacation!

The bus ride was great, aside from the nitty gritty details - uncomfortable seats, me being too tall, waiting around for hours both outside and in uncomfortable seats. But that's the pessimistic view. I got to talk to some cool people in the station, and made TWO scarves while I waited. One of them I gave to a lady on her way to Florida (she won't need it for long!) A trucker watched in fascination and vowed that scarf making would become his part time job so he could make gifts for all the ladies in his family :) A guy named Sean (or Brian? Sean or Brian.), who reminded me of Dane Cook, had a good time antagonizing and making jokes while I talked to people about henna, belly dance, making scarves, and all the fun and crazy things that come up during conversations with strangers.

A businessman from India shared some crackers with me (he called them biscuits) from a small pack with about 20 crackers in it. It would have cost about $.20 in the US (Amazing!). They were delicious crackers with crisp, flaky layers and delicious seasonings. The local vending machine blushed to a pristine alabaster in comparison.

I'm gonna go for a walk. I wanted to say "Hi!" from Missouri, though, and let you guys know that I'm still alive, and around, just scooted along a bit further down my path. I'll talk to Micah tonight about sharing a few of his Delicious recipes so I've got some more juice for the journal.

Much love, and cozy winter wishes,



Russell said…
Yay! Joan is getting closer!

Well, technically farther away, but you know what i mean.
Anonymous said…
yay! less than two weeks til you're back at Acorn, yes?
Anonymous said…
oops, that was me. caroline!