{Ladies Update}

My moon cycle's come round again, and I've still got my new menstrual cup to keep me happy. I feel So much less DISGUSTING wearing this than I ever did with pads or tampons. It's a great way to actually enjoy your cycle. I've also found that since I've been eating more healthily I don't cramp anymore, and a Very heavy flow on the first two days turned out to be 'flooding' - caused by a particular unhealthy eating pattern, so that's not happening anymore.

Anyway, I was posting because I found another source for menstrual cups, this one based in the UK - MoonCup. It's essentially the same as the DivaCup, also made with medical grade silicone.

I also found this adorable menstrual calendar in case you want to support a cool lady and have a snazzy way to keep track of how your cycles line up. Viva La Menstruacion

While researching today I found that some are using their menstrual blood in their compost and as plant fertilizer - there was specific health concern regarding pathogens, though you can apparently dry your blood in the oven just like slaughterhouses do to produce bloodmeal for plants. I think I'd rather try to paint with mine. Maybe that'll change once I have a home garden. Who knows.


Anonymous said…
i never, ever ever dump my divacup anywhere except in the composting toilets. it just feels so... wrong to trash it. it's one of the most fertile substances that exists. and we don't spread the compost from the composting toilets on our food garden, so pathogens aren't a worry.

Caroline (looking forward to seeing you again!)