{Yummy Mashed Taters}

I had never made mashed potatoes before this past December. We had them homemade at my grandmother's house, but otherwise our family used Hungry Jack boxed mashed potato mix. I'm not exactly sure how potatoes metamorphosed into the little flakes in that box. I think I'd rather have fresh taters around to make my own with - it's good for releasing aggression, doing all that mashing!

All you need is a couple potatoes (1 medium per person, or however many you're feeling like), a pot of boiling water, a bit of salt, a butter or oil, some type of milk, and whatever seasonings you prefer.

Boil the potatoes (with skin on is healthier!) after you cut them into 1-2" chunks. Boil until they start to become tender, but Not Too Long! As they'll start to lose nutritional value.

Drain the water and let the potatoes in the pot sit over the heat for a few minutes more to lose some steam.

Either in the pot or in your serving bowl, toss in about 2-3Tbsp butter/oil/margarine and start to mash the taters. I use a fork, but if you've got a tato' masher, you can use that too. Once they're pretty mashed up (but not Completely pulverized), mix in a bit of your milk (whether soy, almond, or cow) until the potatoes are smooth but still have some chunks in there. At that point you can add some salt, pepper, and whatever other spices you like. Serve warm.

I'm enjoying homemade mashed taters this week with some organic applesauce because I love the hot/cold combination and they're nice, easily digestible foods for a sickie. I hope you enjoy them in better health!


LionLotus said…
I made these again tonight, and put in some fresh chopped garlic and shredded cheese. Yum!