{Update, the Second}

Cricket, Caroline - thank you for your comments! I was so glad to hear positive comments about the Ladies post. I felt very strongly that I needed to include it, but I worry about scaring people away that may not want that level of deep communication going on, maybe particularly over the Internet in a semi-public setting. But it's important stuff! All women deal with their periods every month for a long time in their life, and helping to make that a more positive, healthy, and Easier time can only be a step in the right direction. Thanks for shimmying out on a limb and posting feedback. You rock.

Mike - thanks for your soapbox stories :) Hot showers ARE a weakness of mine... I took one today, actually. Feeling that overall warmth is just second to nothing. Okay, maybe second to REALLY good cuddling in a warm cozy bed. But saving water is an awesome thing, too. <3 br="">
Now for the general updates - I went reed gathering again today! I really felt like I was gettin' into the groove today, and Deanne and I worked fast because we got out there mid-afternoon and it was snowing/sleeting while we worked, and we lost light pretty quickly. We managed to get a good harvest (9 bundles - it will take about 400 for the cottage we're working on) for just the two of us being out there today. A lady in an SUV stopped by the roadside to say that she sees something run across the road from there a lot - maybe a wild turkey - and that she always worried about it getting hit. We saw some cozy nest looking areas in the reed field, too, so we're trying to work around the habitat of whatever animals are in there so they don't feel threatened. Cool stuff.

I took some pictures of the house I'm in today, hopefully I'll pop them onto the computer soon so you can see some of the cool things around here.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track of my tummy - today was oatmeal (+nuts+raisins), oudon soup w/fresh veggies (same as last night) and some peanut-buddah'd bread, and... toasted pb+j for dinner. Heh. Oh, and the snack out at the reed field was dried apples and raisins, and tortilla chips. It was Delicious - the dried apples were like chewing on leather, and I Love chewing on leather :P so that was fun, and the raisins were sweet and the chips crunchy and salty... the taste and texture contrast was the best part.

Alright, I'm heading to bed. It's late and I need lots of energy for tomorrow. Love! And Goodnight :)