{Sweat Lodge}

Hey everyone - sorry for the long delay in posting. I got ill almost a week ago and have been sleeping 14-18 hours and keepin off the computer for awhile tryin to get better. I went to a sweat lodge on Sunday with Amber at Upland Hills (Ecological Awareness Center) and it Kicked My Ass - I think it realized I wasn't going to notice what I needed to cleanse on my own, so it decided to get up in me and kick out the stuff I didn't need.

I woke up during the night after the sweat with a sore throat from junk drainin' down while I slept... and spent the Entire next day blowing my nose Every. Two. Minutes. I went through an entire roll of toilet paper and four handkerchiefs before I managed to get back to sleep. Amber helped me self-medicate with some Little House on the Prairie - she grew up watching the TV series and Flipped out when she heard I'd never seen it.

Tuesday I spent lazin' around, trying not to move too much. I was all wobbly headed and getting over being feverish the night before. I tried to keep drinkin tea and made myself soup and other good sick-person foods, but I still felt real bad. I was achy and uncomfortable and couldn't sleep well and had (and still have) ringing in my ears... not even just One ring - more like a symphony - and I've been all congested and irritable... not a good place to be.

I've also had major stomach problems since I was visiting with my grandma, mostly I think due to a pendulum style diet, going from way healthy to unhealthy up to new heights of healthy again. My body is out of whack.

That's what's been keeping me away... trying to get my body back to some type of equilibrium, though I've probably never REALLY been truly healthy. I've always had processed foods, which can cause all sorts of digestive problems - I've always had dairy when I'm not supposed to, it's been a while since I exercised regularly, and I've never incorporated a good balance of fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts or anything like that.

But I'm starting to digress. This was just my informational update post, so you know why I'd been lazy with the posts. I got more to say, but I'll sort it out and give it to ya in smaller doses.


Russell said…
boo sickness. i hope everything balances out for you soon. Sweat lodge sounds fun though. i wonder if people would get mad if i built one in the backyard?
LionLotus said…
Probably not. It's really just a small dome made of lashed saplings and covered in tarps and canvas for insulation. You can leave the frame up or take the thing down. It would look like you were camping in your lawn for a night.