In case I haven't told you, aside from being in Michigan in general, I'm at the Strawbale Studio working with Deanne Bednar. She has done illustrations for The Hand-Sculpted House and another natural building book I can't remember right now.

The Strawbale Studio champions sustainability, strawbale construction, natural plasters, permaculture gardens, working with young people, interactive workshops, and all sorts of great stuff. Not to mention the monthly full moon bonfires!

You can see Deanne's wiki @ http://strawbale.pbwiki.com - She's also got a new site @ www.strawbalestudio.org, but it's a work in progress - you might want to explore the wiki for a while. It's packed full of fun natural building and sustainability/education resources. I even wrote a few of the new pages. I'll send you a pretty letter if you can tell which ones!