{New Socks}

Hey everyone :)

The past few days have been BUSY. Sunday I went to a 5 hour herb workshop and I still want to post some notes I took from that.

Monday I spent the whole day building a tent over the flooded foundations for a kids cottage. It is still holding up under a good amount of snow weight.

Tuesday I dug dirt with Amber (other intern) so we can do some cob sculpting indoors. We had to toss every shovelful through a screen to separate out all the rocks and pebbles. There are TONS of rocks here. Everywhere. All colors, shapes, sizes. I took a picture of rocks by the roadside... I'll try to post it. Oh! And I made bagels for the first time on Tuesday. They turned out REAL well, they were deLicious. I'll post the recipe and pictures soon.

We spent those three days without any working vehicles, because 1) Ollie the Truck has a broken frame and is about to snap in half, and 2) the Civic Wagon has a clutch issue. The wagon was being worked on today, so hopefully we'll be back in business soon.

Today a group of homeschooled teens came over, as they do every Wednesday, and we went out phragmite huntin' :) We got Twenty Eight bundles of reeds! Normally the three of us (Deanne, Amber, and I) get at least 3 bundles a piece, and we shoot for 5, which is OUTstanding. We had a lot of help today. Once we gather the reed we make a phragmite tipi out of it near whatever roof it'll be goin' on so it doesn't get too wet with the snow or rain.

After the teens left today I started building a fire in the Strawbale Studio - Amber is letting me sleep in the loft for a week so I can see what it feels like. It's pretty exciting :) Then Deanne made dinner (Squash soup!) and I made wool socks while we watched Legends of the Fall (sad movie! but beautiful). The socks turned out pretty funkadelic... I was making them from an old sweater that Deanne didn't like anymore. The first one I made from the sleeve, and the seams stick out at weird places, but the Second one I made in a better pattern, so the seam goes all the way up the side. My feet are real warm :)

I gotta get goin for tonight so I can check on my fire and get lots of sleep. I'm gonna try to post a slide show of all my pictures from Flickr, though - we'll see how that goes. More updates, tips, recipes, pictures tomorrow!