{New Environment}

A slideshow of recent pictures

I haven't yet figured out how to embed a slideshow from Flickr, so you can click the link above for now.



-dvora said…
snow and kitties!
woodson said…
Hey Joan!
Glad to see you are thriving.
I love the picture of the 2 arbors outside... they seem to be in an east-west alignment... with the sun cycles. Are those sheds in the foreground of the picture?
Do you have any pictures of the garden structures you could send me? I love outside rooms and arbors.
I must be a "roving ram" ;)
LionLotus said…
If you mean the lattice gate area, it's actually in a north-south alignment, so it's always got sun in it from Some angle. The two walls in the foreground have closets that open on the other side. It's just next to the house on the opposite side of the gardens... there aren't any garden structures here at the moment, though I'm hoping to get a greenhouse put up so we can get some seedlings goin out there.