{Little Things}

Some little things that I do without thinking have struck me as silly, and I've started changing them. One really weird one - the bathroom light.

For as long as I can remember, I always turned the light on when I went into the bathroom. Even if I lived in a house with a window in the bathroom, and there were plenty of natural light coming in. It's just a knee-jerk reaction - enter a room, turn the light on. It's a waste of electricity half the time, and even around dusk there's usually enough light in the room to see just fine, unless I have some sort of bowel emergency.

Keep an eye out - if you find yourself flipping the switch when you can already see just fine - leave that switch down, and save the energy for something else.

Oh - and turn the water on carefully when you wash your hands... we don't need that huge spurting flow that seems so eager to splash all over. Pull the knob slowly and firmly just to get what you need, and shut it off as soon as you're done. Water problems are becoming more serious around the world, and until we're all harvesting rainwater from our rooftops, we should do what we can by thinking about the little things.


Mike said…
Great idea's!

*takes down mental notes*

Though I can totally see and agree with your points, it is still nice to pamper oneself with a few extra minutes under the hot water of a shower now and then. Though I try not to make a habit of it.

Most of the time my military past revisits me and I'm able to be fully showered and clean in less than three minutes. It's amazing what you can do with the memory of a Drill Instructor screaming about how slow you are being...

I know not everyone has had that experience. However, it is easy to take the extra two seconds or so just reach down and shut the water off while you lather up. Two more seconds to switch it back on to rinse and off you go...

Also, for those of us living on the power grid... Hands off of the thermostat! A little splurge now and then for a special occasion is one thing, but constantly shifting the lever up and down to remain comfortable uses a lot of energy. It's winter. Set it and forget it. Put on a long sleeved shirt or a sweat shirt if you're cold.

I better kick myself off of the soap box :P Great suggestions, Leonine. Keep them coming, especially for those of us that aren't quite as green yet. (yes, I include myself in that statement)

Oh, and thank you for starting your blog!
cricket said…
dudette, you've totally got me going to the bathroom in the dark now. sorry if that's TMI. :)

Tara always fusses at me about wasting water, now thanks to you i've found something i can fuss back at her about. *evil grin* and it helps save the world! how awesome is that?