{Warning} Skip this post if you don't want to hear about menstruation.

So some of you know (mostly those of you at the farm) that I got Toxic Shock Syndrome recently. I left a tampon in Way too long by accident and ended up with Incredibly itchy rashes all over me - forearms, stomach, ankles, behind the knees - I couldn't sleep for three days, and it itched like CRAZY. Luckily I only got that one symptom (listed on the tampon box as a sunburn-like rash), and was able to flush it out after about two and a half weeks... it could have been much worse.

After talking to a few girls at the farm about the experience, they suggested a different answer to monthly bleeding - a menstruation cup. I didn't even know there were other options out there. The most I'd heard was that some cultures have 'moon huts' where women spend quality time pampering each other and chilling out during their periods, and that one particular culture in rural China used to use these really harsh Leaves that absorbed liquid well but made them walk funny because they cut into their thighs.

But lo and behold! There is a sustainable, healthy, Awesome way to deal with your period!

1} Eat healthy! Since I've been on a farm diet, I've barely had ANY cramps.
2} Trash the tampons and pads! They add to our landfills, steal from our wallets, make us smell (pads), don't tell us what they're made of, and aren't healthy for our bodies (tampons).
3} Consider a menstruation cup. They are small funnel-like cups made of either natural rubber or medical-grade silicone. They fold up and go in just like a tampon, but they're NOT absorbent (like tampons) so the natural, healthy environment of your vagina stays the same. They're NOT disposable, so you're not stuck having to run to the store unexpectedly, and ONE cup will last you at least a good 2 years if not many more. They're sustainable, because they are healthier for us and don't add to our landfills. They doesn't SMELL, because the blood doesn't leave our body like with pads (the smell is caused by blood hitting the air, or oxidizing). And you only have to empty them every 12 hours.

You can find menstruation cups at www.DivaCup.com, and a similar product, also with a Natural Rubber alternative, at www.TheKeeper.com


Cricket said…
I have a friend who uses the Diva Cup. I've been meaning to get one! Thanks for the reminder.
Anonymous said…
Menstrual cups are the shit. I've been using one for two years and i'm always blown away by people not using them. It's totally changed my relationship with my cycle, in a really positive way.

elaine said…
I got all stoked on cups and tried them for a while. I didn't have much luck -- they leaked a lot for me. :/ I must have wacky anatomy down there or something! Thankfully, my new bc makes my period so light it's close to being nonexistent, which is awesome. (Yaz)