{Green Tips}

I've taken a lot of steps towards living more sustainably, more 'green' if you will. I get really excited when I find new, easy things to do to help the environment or be a little bit more healthy. Something that I've found very upsetting is that my excitement often sounds too much like proselytizing, and I find people I love getting defensive because they're not living the same way and I like talking about what I'm up to.

I know it takes small steps. I know I have more freedom than most in taking those steps however far I want. I'm really lucky to have that. But at the same time, what I really want to communicate is that there IS easy, convenient, FUN stuff to do to be a little bit more healthy, a little bit more conscious, more loving, towards yourself, your environment, your home, friends, planet.

I started a 'label' with this post called "Green Tip" - my general updates on life will be called "General" and little suggestions on how to live in a healthier, more sustainable way will be called Green Tips - so keep an eye out. I'll also post "Resources" - links to more in-depth web sites that you can explore if you really want a lot of information. And, of course, there will be "Pictures" - visual updates. I'll get on top of those as soon as I can.