{Green Cleaning}

Cleaned your windows lately?

Me neither. I'm not big on cleaning in general - I plan on having a dirt floor in my future home - but I'm still concerned about what chemicals are getting the grime off my work clothes and rinsing my dishes. Heck, I'm even worried about what's cleaning out my toilet bowl. After all, those sewage lines get pumped underground where nothing can degrade properly like it should - but that's a complaint for another post. What's important is that we're putting chemicals into the ground, and creepy whitening chemicals On Our Skin by washing our clothes with commercial cleaners and using icky stuff around our house. It's time to be more conscious of those small things we can change more easily.

There are a lot of simple, natural products you can use to clean your home safely. Many of them you can buy in bulk or gather and make yourself, though most of us don't have time for that.

In the meantime, before you go to pick up another bottle of Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Dawn, or Tide, consider (if you're in Richmond, VA) stopping instead at Ellwood Thompson's Natural Market for comparably priced green-cleaning products. For other locations, try GreenPeople.org to look for green products near you.

If you're from elsewhere in the country and/or you know of a good online source or directory for healthy cleaning products, please share!


Anonymous said…
white vinegar and newspaper. cheap, natural, recycling.