{First Update - Networking}

It's been REALLY great to hear from so many people I've loved being around. Thank you so much for your comments here, on Facebook, MySpace, Tribe, and your lovely e-mails sent right to my inbox. I've got two snail mail addresses to start sending beautiful envelopes to, people putting me on their favorites and blog feeds... wow. Great stuff.

Jillian - Yeah, cob projects! Right now I'm about 100 yards away from a strawbale-cob studio. It's Beautiful. And I'm going to ask what we could have done about that earth bridge as far as a 'living roof' or wheat paste, &c just so I know what would have been/is possible. This spring at Acorn we'll be building a shed over the root cellar (since heavy rains get in and it's not insulated well) and also a short wall around the herb garden (something Stacie wants, and an easy starter project). I'm very excited!

I'm settling into my new home well. The food is different again, but healthy! Breakfast is fresh oatmeal with walnuts and raisins and maybe some fresh (soon homemade) yoghurt, there's daily chocolate indulgence (in moderation!) and yummy dinners. Tonight's dinner was a noodle-veggie soup, but we cooked up the noodles with seasonings first and tossed the veggies in at the last second. Vegetables lose a lot of nutrients when they're cooked, so this was a nice way to get lots of health but also the comfort of a warm food.

I've gone out reed harvesting twice now. It'll likely be a daily activity, since it's great to do in the winter while weeds are dead and out of the way. Since reeds grow in swampy areas I get to wear big rubber fisherman boots and slosh through a good 5-10" of water, cutting down reeds (or phragmites, pronounced frag-MITE-ees) that are sometimes well over 10 feet tall. It's pretty crazy stuff. I'll be taking pictures soon, I can link to them so you guys can see how crazy it is.

I'm gonna slow down with my regular update here and post a few green tips and things I've learned before I get to bed.

Thanks SO much for the overwhelmingly awesome response to this blog. I'm really glad to be able to stay in touch with everyone. Love!