{Building Ruminations}

Hey Abe, thanks for the comment :) Practicing with the bow was fun, though I'd need a lot more work before actually hunting :P And bowlines are fun. I can show you when I get back :D Though I'm sure you could learn on your own. I had also wanted to start communicating with you guys regarding the cob building projects - I would LOVE having Alexis be involved, though I heard he might be interested mostly in an advisory capacity rather than a Leading capacity. I think a workshop is a good idea, or at least some fun LEX days that we could draw some Oakers and outside friends into with other activities. We could do several, if not many, dirty hands days where people could help us work on the projects and then stay for a bonfire and snacks/meal or similar. I'm hoping one or more of you over there will be actively interested enough to start gathering tools and materials so we have a jump start when I get back. There are simple mason jar tests you can do around the land to see if we can make cob from our own ground - it'd save us from buying sand. We'll still need straw and a lot of other tools. I'll try to get in touch with you soon to talk in more detail :D <3 nbsp="" p="">
I've been reading a lot about shelter in all its forms. Temporary shelter, camping shelter that will last for several seasons, Native American and Middle Eastern homes that are easy to move or create, and simple but permanent structures. Even house-rafts and tree homes! There's a lot you can do very simply, and a lot of ways that those simple designs can be adapted to suit cob building or thatching. Many of the building types require only a few saplings, some simple lashing, and then layering evergreen boughs or covering the frame with bark or canvas.

One of the books I was reading, called Rustic Retreats, had details on making doors, door latches, and even secret combination doors! Doors that you have to move levers in a certain order to open --- !!!! It reminded me of the Gringott's vaults in Harry Potter. I have a new life goal of building one of those doors.

Alright, it's to bed for me. I spent about 6 hours today learning about herbs to calm stress and anxiety, and I'm worn out. Maybe because we got to try about 15 tinctures, and they left us all Very relaxed :D More tomorrow!




Duncan Parker said…
Tree homes! Doors with levers! Ahh, those sound crazy! When you reach your goal of building those doors let me know cause I wanna watch ^.^ Also you and I should build a tree home together :P Oh also, you should send me a list of the herbs to calm stress and anxiety (duncankparker@yahoo.com), my mum will be needing them since she won't get home till 9 at night XP Okey Dokey. Hope all is going well. TTFN.