{Apple a Day}

One easy thing I've done is to support things that I value through e-mail. Just as a few examples, I'm an online member of the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Virginia, the New American Dream foundation, and others. Just by receiving occasional e-mails from them, I can pop into their site and virtually sign petitions to tell my government what I'd like to see, and stay up to date on their work. It's an easy way to put my voice out there.

Another great thing to have coming IN is the daily "Ideal Bite" - an apple-a-day style Green Idea on how to live more sustainably. Be careful if you're sharing e-mail with your kids, though - they cover ALL topics! They send out ideas like purchasing earth-friendly lip balm (so you're not rubbing chemical compounds on your lips), green cleaning products, even green sex toys! - all sorts of simple day-to-day things that you can change quickly and easily. They also provide links if the suggestion relates to a commercial product so that you can easily find safer alternatives.

Interested? Find them at www.IdealBite.com

update from 2014: it seems that ideal bite is now much more focused on a 'healthy' diet and less on living sustainably.