Sorry for the delay in updates! The past few days have been busy - I was away from Friday to Saturday.

Thursday was a chill day. I started transplanting some Arugula seedlings in the afternoon, and Deanne and I talked about scheduling in general - how much we work, and how some days are just chill days, and we can do work if we want or just cozy up and be warm. I think I slept in a while, too.

Friday I woke up to Amber knocking on the door of the Strawbale Studio to say that Miriam was going to be here soon to pick up Deanne and me. I jumped up and got dressed and ended up sitting around a while till she got here... since both our cars are out, Deanne's friend Miriam let us use her car overnight. I didn't know we were staying overnight until we were already on the way there :P

So Anyway - we went over because it was Jim's birthday, and we helped out his wife Stephanie during the day while he was at work, and played with their son (3 years old?) Liam Sage for a While - out in the snow, with trains (reminded me of True at Acorn), in forts... he was a snow leopard most of the day. We also got to cook up a delicious dinner of rice and stir fried veggies with some fancy white tea. I whipped up a peanut sauce, but nervously, because Stephanie doesn't like a lot of seasonings - she actually ended up enjoying it so much she asked for the recipe. Yay!

After dinner we sat around a fire for awhile, played music, talked... and did henna! Jim's a henna artist also. He drew a bittersweet vine up my forearm (bittersweet is the red-berried vine in the picture of the latticed gate in my Flickr set), Deanne did a labyrinth on my arm, and I did a fancy hand design on Stephanie.

After a long night of talking and good hangouts, I fell asleep on a Comfy couch in front of the fire and woke up to a baby fussing and Stephanie and Jim scooting around quietly. We ate breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen from the night before and then gathered all our things up to head home. Deanne and I drove to Miriam's so she could drive us home and stopped for groceries on the way back - I splurged on some milk, chicken, a peanut butter cereal, and some carob covered peanuts (my stomach has been Freakin out and I want to try to normalize a bit).

Once home we had lunch with Miriam. Our neighbors came over, a guy and his young daughter, and we showed them around. Amber had successfully stretched the rawhide from the deer to cover two small drum heads (exciting!). I built up a fire in the studio and had it roaring by the time I went to bed. I also spent a good portion of the evening thinking and talking about my ideal home... somewhere between a bent-sapling Native American shelter and an earth-sheltered natural building.

Oh! I got some cool pictures in the woods at Jim's place, too... I'll post those once I can hook my camera up again.

Dinner is ready, so I gotta go. This post is getting a bit too lengthy anyway. I'll post in just a bit about the trees that fell today...