{Afternoon Delight}

A mid-day update! How exciting. It's only two o clock and already I've...

...helped fell two trees
...made a phragmite tipi
...learned to tie a bowline and hold a bow
...helped fix a car
...seen a truck breaking!
...learned some new forest paths
...carried a dead deer
...made pancakes.

Important stuff :)


cait said…
Abe said…
I'd like to watch you tie a bowline sometime, and I'm pretty sure Erik would also. He keeps talking about releasing a population of chickens into the woods surrounding Acorn and then hunting them. I like putting holes in paper targets, and would be comforted by independance from firearms when Y2K hits.

There has been talk about the upcoming natural building projects. It would be a lot cooler if we could get help with it; many hands makes for light work and all that. Having just read about it and never actually built anyhting with wattle&daub/adobe/cob, it seems like we might be able to pull off the cellar's shed and herb garden's wall without too much trouble. The falling over bucket shed seems a bit larger however, and we might want to consider having that built as part of a workshop that Acorn hosts. One thing that I think might be helpfull in making that happen is networking with skilled people who might help lead such a workshop to make attending it worth people's whiles.

Alexis from Woodfolk House has already said he would lend his expertise if we had the energy, organization, and commitment to get the thing done without him.

It seems like you are in a prime location for scouting out more heads/hands for the tasks ahead.

<3 @ 90°